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About Darch Network

Users participate in the platform about the home in their dream, create demand with customer input, and create a project chain. In the platform, a specialist from the project site is appointed by the system from the category pool where the experts are at the preparatory stage and the project passes to the next chain upon preparation stage is made.

In this new chain block an experienced architect is appointed as project manager from the category pool based on project needs.

The experienced project manager identifies the architects that are needed and enters the expert parts that are needed categorically from the system and the appropriate architects are appointed from the system pool. and chains are managed in this way from the whole sector, including the construction part are managed from here, and it covers all areas such as payment, approval, need, material supply, technical staff requirement, documentation, social part and training contents from this online system until the key is delivered.

DARCH NETWORK was designed as a project network where all the parties can work online in a single system which started from the idea to the preparation, design, projecting, approval, construction, and delivery process. The parties in this network make membership and their location in specific Pools is listed according to certain variables.

Main Users: Architects, Engineers, Technical experts involved in the project, Contractors, Material Firms, Local Administrations, Controlling Supervisors, Construction Technical Personnel, customer(anyone who needs to design and build) interns who will work in customer and occupational groups in this area for early training.

Advantages and Solutions for Parties


From the idea to the turnkey process of the project, presenting an online system with the understanding of B2B (business to business) in preparation, design, projecting, engineering, construction, labor, material supply etc. the relationship of the parties in one chain.


have the option of being involved in the projects. She/he can exhibit a portfolio in her/his profile and create a profile with the experience points gained from the projects. She/he has the opportunity to work from anywhere with virtual offices, has possibilities like saving time, getting rid of office costs, lack of need for staff, difficulty in recruiting, faster and stronger, a sharing community.


Have the options of being included in projects. They can use the options of seeing and listing material prices. They can purchase and make contracts through intelligent contracts, have the opportunity to control business management. The entire payment system is managed from here. Not to be affected by exchange differences, at the beginning of work, orders are made to material firms with smart contracts through the system.

Technical Teams

Related to the technical works of a project, technical teams serving in areas like electricity, plaster, paint, and decoration can reach projects and join the contractors' teams. The problem of not receiving payment disappears thanks to smart contracts. They obtain the opportunity of getting more work

Local Administration

Municipalities may upload the current zoning plans to the system, examine the documents related to the projects, create notes on revisions or approve projects.

Software Companies (Autodesk, Archicad, BIM, etc.)

They can present their software into service online. Thus, they can prevent the use of pirated software. Reasonable prices at product prices are reached to a reasonable level in return of reaching more customers, have the opportunity of accessing more customers.They can present their software into service online. Thus, they can prevent the use of pirated software. Reasonable prices at product prices are reached to a reasonable level in return of reaching more customers, have the opportunity of accessing more customers.

Material Companies

They ensure to find their ad target group about their product. They escape from unnecessary and non-target advertising expenditures.Instead of advanced forward payments, such as checks, they can reach agreement through smart contracts. It makes payment according to use and sales rate in the local lists.

How do we solve the problems?

Sectoral Problems

Monopolization of architecture and contracting areas in the construction sector. The lack of innovative project management and common systems in the sector. Communication problems between partners and difficulties related to payment.

Career Issues

The difficulty of finding a job due to the lack of experience of the newly graduated architects, engineers and similar students studying in the construction industry, and lack of common platforms with information sharing that hosts specific areas.

Business Tracking Problems

The problems arising from the inability to follow up on the project documents and technical works regularly lead to a prolongation of the project deadlines and a decrease in efficiency.

Project Team Problem

Failure to reach the right teams of the people who want to build a construction project. Being obliged to rely on architects, engineers and technical teams without seeing a verified portfolio.

Payment Problems

Slowing down the construction sector due to check and other forward-term payments Inability to receive payments of employees from the project owners or project managers. The scarcity of secure payment options.

Pirated Software

The problem of using pirated software resulting from the unlicensed use of Autocad, ArchiCAD, and other related industry software causes a great loss for software companies.

Approval Problems

Large number of applications to local authorities for projects. Making confirmations through petitions, spending long-term work and Lack of innovative solutions in field.

Incorrect Planning

Failure to allocate sufficient budgets for the right planning and for this reason the emerging high project costs.

Marketing Problem

The scarcity of specific advertising areas for construction sector suppliers and the use of advertising budgets in the channels that do not represent the target audience directly.

Sales Information

Public Sale Starts 20th March 2019 12:00 GMT 1 ETH = 15.000 Darch
Second Round 10th April 2019 12:00 GMT 1 ETH = 12.000 Darch
Third Round 1th May 2019 12:00 GMT 1 ETH = 10.000 Darch
Last Round 20th May 2019 12:00 GMT 1 ETH = 7.500 Darch
Public Sale Ends   10th Jun 2019
Total Token Supply   1,000,000,000
Tokens Allocated for ICO   300,000,000
Accepted   Ethereum

Token Sale Stage End In

Our contrat address 0xC4E848529e436C848144Eafb0387A6faEba94a65 Learn how to buy. Do not have minimum purchase amount.
66% Bonus
End at 10 April, 2019
Start at 10 April, 2019
The roadmap to success

What are our major goals?

November 2017 Concept development

Research on first problem detection, project idea stage and solutions


First Quarter of 2019 Website and Whitepaper
  • It will be the foundation of the DARCH project in partnership with a team of developers
  • Founders and core team, the feasibility and opportunities for the platform and ecosystem were determined
  • Special Sales, Launch of the website for Pre-ICO and Crowdsale
  • Presenting ideas to WHITEPAPER and other technical documentation
SECOND QUARTER OF 2019 Launch MPV Product
  • Recruitment of additional developers and key people.Proof of the DARCH concept,conceptualization and development of designs.
  • Early partners for the DARCH Project
  • Negotiations and partnerships with customers, test professionals and investors
  • The announcement of Airdrop, Whitelisting, and Bounty program
  • The user interface of the DARCH APP mobile application will be shared
  • SECOND QUARTER OF 2019 End of the ICO
  • The announcement of Airdrop, Whitelisting, and Bounty Program
  • he user interface of the DARCH APP mobile application will be shared
  • Q3
    THIRD QUARTER OF 2019 Launch main product
  • Recruitment of additional developers and key people
  • DARCH APP will start working for the mvp of mobile application and the process will start running through the github
  • THIRD QUARTER OF 2019 Listing On exchanges
  • It will be listed on 3 different crypto exchange platforms
  • Q4
    2019 Q4 Launch Project Details
  • WEB version draft and interface of the DARCH platform will be shared
  • Expanding the team of developers and consultants
  • 2020
    FIRST QUARTER OF 2020 Launch Beta Version
  • Decentralized Architectural Design & Construction Management Network (DARCH)Publishing the beta version
  • FIRST QUARTER OF 2020 Partnership Agreements
  • DARCH Project The partnership agreements with the construction sector, testing and prototyping phase with the parties in the sector
  • Q2
    SECOND QUARTER OF 2020 Sectoral Development tests
  • DARCH testing with the parties in the sector
  • SECOND QUARTER OF 2020 Deal with Banks
  • DARCH studies on the stable coin, and their efforts to enter the traditional markets as a bridge
  • Q3
    THIRD QUARTER OF 2020 Agreements With Local Authorities
  • (DARCH) Dealing with a local administration as a pilot city and designing the project approval systems • DARCH, testing the project management system with architects in the sector
  • THIRD QUARTER OF 2020 Test processes
  • DARCH test process with contractor firm and construction workers